An avalanche of planning reform advances!

23 June 2020

The planning reforms have now advanced significantly, ahead of the 31 July 2020 commencement date for Phase 2 councils. Last week saw the release of two (2) reports regarding Phases 2 and 3 of the Planning and Design Code and the Gazettal of two (2) proclamations and three (3) sets of variation regulations.

All planning and building professionals should be across these documents.  As part of our continued commitment to assisting council planning and building professionals in keeping up-to-date with all planning reform matters, KJL has analysed each of the documents and summarised key points in the three Alerts below.

Alert – proclamations and more legislative changes to our new planning system – summarises the key legislative reforms which were Gazetted on 18 June 2020 and which directly affect all councils, assessment managers, assessment panels, building certifiers and other accredited professionals;

Alert – Planning and Design Code – Amendment for Phase 2 (Rural Areas) – analyses the ‘Planning and Design Code – Amendment for Phase 2 (Rural Areas)‘ report published by the SPC under section 73(7) of the PDI Act which details the amendments to be made to Phase 2 of the Planning and Design Code as a result of feedback during the public consultation period.  Whilst this report relates to Phase 2 of the Code, as it contains all of the amendments to be made to definitions and other key portions of the Code, this Alert is essential reading for both Phase 2 and Phase 3 councils.
Alert – What We Have Heard Report – Phase Three of the Planning and Design Code (Urban Areas) – analyses the content of this report, which summarises the feedback received on the draft Phase 3 Planning and Design Code as it is relevant to councils.

If you would like further information on any of the above, please contact Victoria Shute at