Planning Reform Seminar Series - Part 5

Despite the recent pandemic, the commencement of the PDI Act is ‘on track’ for July 2020 for Phase 2 councils and September 2020 for Phase 3 councils.

Make sure that you and your team are prepared through appropriate training and ensuring that you have template documents ready for use.


Kelledy Jones Lawyers and Development Answers have, once again, partnered to provide a training package for councils which is intended to ensure that councils are fully prepared for the transition to the new Act. Each session is designed to ensure that attendees leave with a sophisticated knowledge of the Act and Regulations, how they will operate and what must be done in readiness for the commencement of the new Act. Our combined knowledge means that the legal, practical and organisational aspects of the new Act and Regulations are covered.

Please view our flyer for details as to content and pricing. We emphasise that these sessions will be tailored to meet your council’s specific needs and can be booked on dates, at times and locations convenient to your council.


In addition to the Decision Notification Form and Deemed Planning Consent Notice templates provided by the State Planning Commission on the SA Planning Portal, councils will also need to be prepared by ensuring that templates are ready for the following, commonly-used documents:

  • section 213 enforcement notices (the equivalent of a section 84 enforcement notice under the Development Act 1993);
  • section 155 emergency orders (the equivalent of section 69 emergency orders under the Development Act 1993);
  • notices issued by the Building Fire Safety Committee under section 157 of the Act (the equivalent of section 71 of the Development Act 1993);
  • instrument of appointment for authorised officers under the PDI Act;
  • an ERD Court Book of Documents template for use under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and the new Uniform Civil Forms adopted by the ERD Court on 18 May 2020;
  • bonding agreement for land division applications.

Kelledy Jones Lawyers is pleased to offer a suite of these template documents to ensure that your council is prepared for the commencement of the PDI Act for a fixed price of $1,800 + GST.

Give us a call on 8113 7100 or email if you are interested in accessing our suite of templates.