Legal Verification — Declaration of Rates 2022/2023

23 May 2022

Would you believe after the uncertainty of last year, it is that time of year again!

Some councils have already utilised our legal verification service, so it is timely to provide the details more broadly.

The Local Government Act 1999 provides opportunity for councils to adopt the Annual Business Plan and Budget and to declare rates until 31 August and beyond in circumstances of extraordinary administrative difficulty. So, for those who require our usual service ‘sooner rather than later’, we, again, stand ready to:

  • settle all aspects of the rate declaration process, including recommendations to adopt the Annual Business Plan, Budget and valuations and declaration of all rates and charges;
  • settle the Gazette notice; and
  • settle the rates notice;

taking into account recent legislative change.

Kelledy Jones Lawyers has experienced practitioners who are the State’s leading experts in these matters. We have been providing this service for well over a decade and are here to help.

Kelledy Jones Lawyers is South Australia’s only law firm devoted solely to working with and being an independent voice to local government.

We provide dedicated legal, strategic and business support, exclusively to South Australian councils and public authorities.

Our fee structure for these services is as follows:

1. settling all aspects of the rate declaration process; and

2. settling the Gazette notice;

$550 (exc GST).*

*This fee applies as a package service for these two (2) tasks provided at the same time. Usual charges will apply if provided separately.

3. settling the rates notice;

$320 (exc GST).

Alternatively, for the discounted fee of $750 (exc GST) we can undertake all three (3) tasks for your council.


Please contact Natasha Jones, in the first instance, regarding this opportunity at or on 08 8113 7100.