Natasha Jones - Lawyer

Natasha is an approachable, down to earth lawyer who lives by the philosophy that there are not any silly questions.


Natasha always wanted to be a lawyer. Her younger self didn’t know why, but the more mature Natasha loves the profession for the people. She revels in opportunities to interact with clients and solve their problems.

As a specialist corporate governance advisor, Natasha’s style is pragmatic. Her partnering approach ensures effective, practical outcomes are quickly achieved. That’s why she is frequently requested for council member conduct issues.

Natasha’s breadth of experience covers councils and related entities, statutory authorities and non-profit organisations across South Australia.

She has developed significant expertise in advising on the availability and use of statutory powers, council policy, meeting procedures, council member conduct, dispute resolution, freedom of information, internal audit and human resource management.

Natasha takes a holistic approach, resulting in much more than just technical advice.

Natasha promotes clear and honest communication with her peers and clients. She enjoys working in a team, sharing ideas and overcoming challenges, while building relationships and providing encouragement to those around her.

Her business acumen and expertise has been recognised in a number of state and national forums and she was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women‘s Awards.

In her spare time, Natasha enjoys quiet weekends in the Adelaide Hills, being a ‘ballet mum’ and coffee dates at the local patisserie, where she’s always up for a chat.