Kelledy Jones Lawyers’ Legislative Compliance Register Update and Digest Service

15  August 2023

We expect that like many other SA councils which have a clear corporate governance focus, that you maintain a Legislative Obligation Register and/or Legislative Compliance Tracking Register as part of your WHS obligations and governance due diligence.  The key question is whether it is presently up-to-date with the most recent legislative amendments? Also, are you satisfied that all legislative amendments are being properly identified and captured by your council in a timely and efficient manner?  Finally, is your council keeping across legislative amendments and their impact on it and its operations?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then ‘read on’.

Registers are an important tool, they are required for every council. They ensure that legislative changes are tracked, detailed and recorded as they happen so that related changes to processes, policies, procedures, notices or staff/elected member training occurs in a timely manner.

The effective use of these Registers reduces a risk of legislative breach, incorrect processes, policy/procedural error and the ability to maintain a defensible position in response to related legal challenges and enquiries/inquiries/investigations by oversight bodies.

Further, a failure to maintain these Registers may lead to adverse findings in Workers Compensation Scheme and Return to Work audits.

It is one task to maintain Registers, but an altogether different obligation to analyse and summarise key legislative amendments and to ensure that council functions and operations are kept up-to-date.

Maintaining the Registers and keeping track of legislative amendments can be onerous tasks.  There are upwards of 150 State and Federal Acts which apply to councils and numerous sets of regulations, rules and other documents under those Acts.  The sheer volume of legislation, combined with the often rapid pace of legislative change, can make it very difficult for Registers to be kept up-to-date, in addition to internal procedures, procedures and policies, etc.

There is a solution to this problem – the Kelledy Jones Lawyers’ Legislative Compliance Register Update and Digest Service. This Service is already in use by many SA councils.

KJL offer the Service on a subscription basis to provide monthly updates to your council Register and to provide a digest explaining key legislative amendments.  Once each month, KJL will send you an amended Register which contains details of all legislative amendments made in the relevant calendar month. In this way, your Register is always kept up-to-date and you are always aware of key legislative change.

The Service is offered as follows:

  • Option A. Monthly update package: for $200 + GST per update. We will update your Legislative Compliance Register with details of legislative amendments including a brief summary of provisions amended, revoked or replaced each calendar month.  You can choose to register for these updates for any length of time, including on an ongoing basis.  We do not require a minimum sign-up period.
  • Option B. Monthly digest: for $250 + GST per month. We will provide you with a digest of the legislative amendments made each calendar month, including a summary of how these amendments may affect your council.
  • Option C. Delegations alert: for $150 + GST per month. We will provide details of amendments required to existing delegations as a result of legislative amendments.
  • Option D. Register creation: for $450 + GST we create a Legislative Obligations Register or a Legislative Compliance Tracking Register for you, which will be up-to-date as at the date of completion.

We can also provide weekly packages upon request. Further, we can customise packages for any council.

If you are interested in any of our packages or wish to discuss them or any custom arrangements, please call or email:

Victoria Shute on:  08 8113 7104  or  or

Angela Balacano on:  08 8113 7115  or