Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act - how best to perform in the face of reform

Broaden your knowledge of local nuisances and enforcement strategies at our upcoming seminar

Schedule 1 to the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 has been amended to both broaden and refine the nature and scope of local nuisances actionable by councils under the Act.

Initial amendments to bring noise and other nuisance arising in connection with rental properties under the Act commenced on 4 October 2023 and more amendments are due to commence in April 2024.

Effectively managing and responding to nuisance complaints takes time and significant amounts of resources.  The range of ‘new nuisances’ set to commence next year will take time to prepare for and to consider who, where and how such complaints will be handled.

These new nuisances are coming into force at a time where nuisance complaints are ever increasing in number and complexity as a result of lower tolerance to same in the community, cost of living and housing pressures and a burgeoning ‘sovereign citizen’ movement.

We invite you to attend our Seminar on Thursday 30 November to get ‘up to speed’ on the upcoming changes and to gain knowledge on evolving strategies to best address complex nuisance matters.

Thursday 30 November 2023
1.00pm – 4.00pm
Rydges South Park
1 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost: $285 ex GST per person

Please contact info@kelledyjones.com.au to register your attendance.  Places are limited.

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